Lovefest Monday Madness!

Lovefest Monday Madness!

Purl String Gang Dolls at My Knitch

February is here!  It’s a time for love, thinking about love, and wishing for spring.  Today, I’m busy finishing up February’s free project for you, but in the meantime…check out a few knitting goodies with heart.

Heart Shape Knitting Needle Gauge at sevenyaks on Etsy.

Purl String Gang Doll from MyKnitch is a great way show your love for knitting and crochet.  Use it as a keychain, or attach to your purse or project bag.  Fun to collect and makes a nice gift for a knitting friend. I’m partial to the redhead, of course.

Free Patterns for Valentine’s Day on Knitting on the Net.

Tune in tomorrow for your February free pattern.

Marg (seeing hearts and feeling love)


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