Sock City – icey with a chance of cocoa.

KAL with RavelryGroup KnittyDirtyGirl on Ravelry  OrganicBobYarnPile project bag from the RavelryMini-Mart.  The yarn is from KnittyDirtyGirl on Etsy.  Rachel-Marie is on vacation so do check the box yes, if you would like to be notified when she returns.

Are you an East Coaster? If so, you probably experienced a lot of snow and chilly weather this weekend and today is the first official day of winter.  When you’re done shoveling, playing with the kids, and drying off with a cup of cocoa, it’s time to get down to some serious needlework of choice.

This weekend, I finally got a chance to start my socks for the KAL (Knit-Along) with Rachel-Marie (knittydirtygirl) Ravelry group. I went old school starting at the top and not the toe with this one and improvised so there is no real printed pattern.

There’s nothing like making items for other people, but sometimes you long to join in community and KAL’s are a great way to do that.  Push yourself to try new patterns and explore new shapes to make.  You will be surprised how quickly you will improve your skills.  Ask questions, post comments, and see what every one else is doing as you knit along.  You may even discover a new yarn choice.  Check Ravelry groups, forums, and online at your favorite yarn stores.  If your lucky enough to have a group near you, and/or a local yarn store – join in!  I’ve also seen groups form at some of the major craft stores, so don’t rule them out. 

Break out of your snow coma – it’s sunny in SockCity, KnitCity, and KALTown.

Marg (I confess to eating a cookie and now I have a serious sugar rush)

You might enjoy these sock knitting books and kits.



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