Wear those stitch markers and knit a tree?

My latest Etsy goodie are these adorable stitch markers from ScaryMerry on Etsy.

Today’s a hodge podge day of working on reorganizing the office and having wandering thoughts, usually knitting related, in a continuous loop in my brain.

While I was organizing, I came across this wonderful article from a few years agon on BBC about some knitters in Devon who banded together and created a wonderful 25 ft knitted Christmas tree. Read all about it…you will be amazed, inspired, and it will definitely end up in your continuous loop of thoughts today.

Did you know tomorrow is …

Friday is wear your stitch markers day here at knit1fortheroad…on your knitting bag, sweater, purse, whatev. Join me tomorrow 🙂 and let everyone know your passion, spread the word, and enjoy the solidarity.

Stitch On and remember to wear your stitch markers proudly!

Marg (wondering how many more rainy days are ahead)


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