Find and keep your place with ease…

StitchDots Rock! Find them at PolarKnit.
Today, I was checking in on PolarKnits . They have new and interesting products, as well as some nifty free patterns
The StitchDots™ really caught my eye because it has words and symbols imprinted on each marker. Handy words like “Start” and “End” for your row, RS and WS markers (right side and wrongside of knitted garment) as well as Dec (decrease) Inc(increase) and more! Each adorable package has 20 markers and a “retro” pouch. These markers would be very helpful for knitting and crochet projects. I remember struggling with marking projects, especially when I first began knitting and crochet. You will need markers at every level of knitting and crochet so it’s a good investment, as well. Keeping your place can be difficult, frustrating, and hold you back. It’s wonderful to see such an innovative, yet simple, tool to help keep you motivated.
 I’ve purchased PolarKnit Yarn in the past, and have been very satisfied with the colors and texture. If these markers interest you, check it, mark it, and keep on knitting. Warning! If you’re in a knitting or crochet group, you’ll have to keep them close – and share where you bought them. We all know a good thing when we see it.
Marg (feeling the knitting, crochet, and crafting spirit today and hope you are, as well)

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