I’ll take a bag with that art, please…

It’s apparent, by now, to all of you who read my blog, that I’ve been obsessed with bags, art, crafts, reusing and recycling since my art school days and the obsession is growing. I thought you might like to share in my love of art and really cool bags today. I came across The Limited Art Edition from Freitag. Their bags are recycled exhibition banners from the finest contemporary art museums.
The Messenger Bags are also worth a peek.

Be sure and go by their Concept page to read a brief explanation of what and how their products are made – you will be empressed by this Swiss company. They make their bags from sturdy and used truck tarpaulins, car seat belts, airbags, and bicycle inner tubes.

Quality, art, and recycling all in one bag!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look in to my version of bag heaven.

Marg (car parts have a whole new meaning for me now)

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