It takes a knit/crochet village…

Imagine a village of knitting and crochet mentors! Many of us get our inspiration, valuable lessons and lifelong friendships from mentors, communities and family….why not expand the village? Would you like to become a mentor to others? NeedleArtsMentoring can help you get started, inspire you and guide you. They even offer structure for you with a free download of their guide.
We need more knitting/crochet and less worry/fear in our lives. Reaching out to children is a wonderful way to overcome your own anxiety over the economy, and life in general, share your skills and become a shining light in the vulnerable life of a child. Think it over and remember the crafty ones that came before us … they’re smiling at us because they’re using their knitting/crochet mojo on us every day…guiding with gentle pushes in the right direction, and helping us find an unexpected 75% off yarn sale… And you thought those fabulous knit/crochet ideas where all yours.
Marg (thanking my lucky stars for the wild, crafty men, women and children in my life)

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