Psst-4th row, 3rd seat, be there!

Returning home last week brought back many memories. Last night, my mind wandered to the first time I began my fascination with crochet in highschool during after school chorous rehearseals. My friend, Susan, was an avid crocheter and created the most hip crochet bags I’d ever laid eyes on. The money she made supported her cigarette habit (ok – I admit, it was a rowdy girl’s school and we would sneak out often for a smoke through the old convent and underneath the old kindergarten classroom) I’ve since stopped the smoking, and the juvenile sneaking, but the fascination for crochet stuck with me and after a few years, I decided to become a hooker as well as a knitter. I had just the opposite problem that many needle peeps have…adjusting to using one hook, and developing good tension. Many fellow crocheters have told me, over the years, that they have had the same experience with knitting – too many needles and wonky tension. Reading crochet patterns also baffled me at times. I’m so glad that I worked through the frustration because I have enjoyed many summers making crochet items for myself and others.
Okay, now that you’ve read my confession of an underlying crochet obsession, take a sec to look back into your own past and honor those who inspired you, taught you or heightened your awareness and raise your needle(s) in a full salute!
On to the Thursday FREE pattern roundup.
Summer knitting fun at
Interweave Knits offers the easy to knit Summertime Tunic (no arm shaping!)
PopGoesCrochet Doris Scarfeasy, quick and fun to make on the go. This pattern is like potato chips – you can’t have just one!
Inner Child Crochet handy summer coasters.
LionBrandYarns Market Bag to knit or crochet.
Here’s to more projects, good times, and no fear needles!

Marg (wondering whatever happened to the other rowdy girls)

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