IF YOU’RE ON ETSY…you may be an interview!

Hello Crafties…
Today, it’s all about the Etsies! Summer wouldn’t be complete without Etsy features on Knit1fortheroad and Margknittinaround (my blog on MySpace and Xanga). If you would like to feature your Etsy shop or know of an Etsy shop that is amazingly wonderful (and there are many!) please email me at knit1fortheroad@gmail.com. (you may have to copy and paste the email link) The features will include a picture of a product (your pick) shop info and 4 interview questions. Short and sweet but wonderfully received.
And as always, spammers, don’t make me sorry I’m doing this and give me a big fat headache…I’m seriously not in the mood.
It’s important to support our fellow crafties and spread the word about the handmade evolution and revolution that has spread worldwide, like hot cakes, Twitter and the Jonas Brothers. Kind of cool, don’t you think?
Craft On and shoot me an email won’t you? Let’s spread some Etsy glitter and glam far and wide. Marg at large here, always searching for blog interviews that will rock your crafty world.

( Molly knows – No wallflower here) 

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